2 stroke engine

Care of lub oil

Lub oil is blood of the machinery; most valuable, so it requires utmost care. This is the only fluid in the machinery which needs to be supplied before starting without fail, rest all fluid, water, fuel etc, can be supplied… Read More ›

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Oil mist detector – a boon for engine and life on board

The development of oil mist detector started way back in 1947 after crankcase explosion onboard the “ Reina del Pacifico” causing 28 deaths. As a result, first oil mist detector was marketed in 1960’s. In Nov 2010, there was a crankcase explosion and subsequent fire on board Carnival Splendor, the estimated cost of repairs, loss in revenue and passenger refund was approx. $65 million. —-SOLAS requirement for need of oil mist detector – Engines of 2,250 kW and above or having cylinders of more than 300mm bore shall be provided with crankcase oil mist detectors or engine bearing temperature monitors or equivalent devices.” Chapter II-I, Regulation 47.2 (1981)

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Engine failure during manoeuvering

Causes and emergency preparedness. There are several incidents of main engine failure during vessel movement in or out of harbour or in narrow channels, nevertheless this is the time where engine reliability is required most. On the basis of experience and reports we have… Read More ›

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