Larnaca seaport is one of the least busy port, very few ships are calling here. port is 5 minutes away from Town Centre taxi is always available. During summer, May to October, there is rush in and around town due to millions of tourists flying in.

Some of the best attractions of Larnaca are as below;

Town Centre beach is public place and crowded in summer time. In winter and holidays local people visit here for fresh pleasant air and view. Long promenade along beach is good for walk and varieties of restaurants; KFC, Lebanese, Cypriot, Continental and many more,  on the other sides of the beach attracts all the time.

Larnaca Museum in small Larnaca Castle is another attraction just on the beach front.

Hala Sultan Tekke is one of the historical mosque in front of salt lake. It is little far away from town centre and would require taxi or bus service. Hala Sultan Tekke was built in 18th century and restored on 2001. It shows diverse culture and faith in Cyprus. Very unique is to see beautiful well fed, friendly thousands of cats around mosque. Once you are out of your car, they surround you, perhaps for food.

Saint Lazarus Church -Saint Lazarus Church is in the town centre and 2 minutes from walking distance from beach. This Greek medieval Orthodox Church was built in 9th century and still  stands well. There are souvenir shops and food joints near by.


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