This is a platform for seafarers to share their travel and job experiences. Please share your airport, hotel, port and company’s experiences which will benefit fellow  seafarers  in their travel plan  and job search.


All views posted on this site are views of contributors, Marineronboard would not be liable for any post. If any objectionable material is posted, pls contact us.

The content and views are provided by the Marineronboard to the users. The Marineronboard undertakes to gather and process the information, but it shall in no event be liable for the reliability, completeness, sufficiency. The users of Marineronboard also assume responsibility for crosschecking the information provided. Marineronboard  website contains at several points links to other sites for the content of which it declines any responsibility. Moreover, it shall not be held responsible for any possible collection of information from those linked sites.


The users of Marineronboard may at any time delete their personal data, correct them and/or update them and/or inactivate their registration, by simply contacting us. 

Your articles

If you are interested in publishing your articles, pls contact us and send your article by mail.


9 Responses

  1. M S

    Job and travel, these 2 things are necessacity of seafarers and should be shared. Facebook or other socialnework only serves people of the group, this platform will help all irrespective of any country or company.

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  2. capt. ashutosh srivastava

    a very good initiative to have an open forum of all sailing and shore staff.
    can have a very healthy discussion at this platform and to have feedbacks to be known to all.

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