Lachi Trip – from Limassol port

Lachi is one of the most beautiful tourist attraction in South Cyprus. Less than an hour away from Paphos, and about 2 hours from Larnaca Airport (170 KM) it is a must visit place. One can stay here for few days in hotel, resort or apartments close to beach. Town is small, scarcely populated and most of the local people engaged in tourist related activities.

If you are calling Limassol Port, plan to visit Lachi beach and Blue Lagoon. Boats ae available for family ride or big ferry for up to 50-60 people are available for trip from Lachi to Blue Lagoon.


Avakas gorge trip – from Limassol

If your ship is calling Limassol, plan to visit Avakas Gorge, it is one of the rarest attraction in the world. It is close to Paphos, about 80KM from Limassol.

Be careful while deciding the route – One road is through Lachi and other is through Paphos. If one is visiting Lachi beach, there are 2 ways to reach to Avakas Gorge, one is via Paphos and another through mountains and Jupiter forest, which is really adventurous. For easy and safe ride always take the road via Paphos, even though it is showing longer on google map.

From Lachi, Google always shows shortest route through Juniper, but avoid Juniper forest route if you don’t have large truck/ high clearance 4 wheel drive.

Usually tourists use mid sized car which is not suitable and very risky for Jupiter forest route. We had a very rough, dangerous and breathtaking ride through forests when we used this rocky, steep and raw road by mistake (as Google showed us this as shortest route), riding SUV Nissan Qashqui 18″ wheel. There was no sufficient road clearance at some point and rocks touched the car body.

Anyhow we reached Avakas safely and after viewing the magnificent gorge, we forgot dangerous ride from Lachi.

Avakas gorge final sign is “Go ahead at your own risk”. But to see the real of gorge one must go past it.

One can visit nearby beaches after the trail.

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 two mountain peaks are joining at Avakas Gorge.

Limassol port to Troodos trail

If you are visiting Limassol port then one of the must visit natural beauty is  Trail along Kalidonia river, this is located at 40km up from Limassol city (port) and is one of the main attraction for tourists in Troodos.

In winter is is covered with upto 1 meter snow, but during summer the weather is  perfect and pleasant. Winter usually starts from December and till end of February it remains freezing. In March one can find remains of snow but still temperature is below 5degree. After sunset it closes to zero degree Celsius.

In summer the earth is exposed and years of erosion due to snow can be seen, trees along this old river has strange feature due to years of flow of ice and water. In winter the area is covered with meters of snow, when snow melts down, flow of water erodes the land around tree roots and sometimes it is substantial erosion of soil, exposing the tree roots, still these old tree survive and seems becoming more stronger year by year.

Once Out of the port taxi are easily available to get to Troodos and 2 ways cost is not more than €50-55.


Your name/email: Ridwan
Port, Terminal: Bremerhaven, container terminal
How to reach to gate?: shuttle bus
Minutes to town by taxi?: 10 minutes just 12 euro.
Must go location?: Bremerhaven Muzeum, Zoo and nice city.
Comment: Do not carry duty free items from ship, custom check point in between. They will give heavy fine if cotch.

Time: April 28, 2015 at 4:46 pm

Durban port, South Africa

Your name/email Chaitanya prakash
How to reach to gate? Shuttle service provided by DP WORLD terminal
Minutes to town by taxi? Depends on location where you want to go.maximum 30 mins minimum 15 minutes
Must go location? SunBeach(30 mins) , casino(30 mins) , oshaka marine (15 mins )moses maphida international football stadium for bunzee jumping(30 mins) , for night life (lido ) 15 mins
Comment For 15 mins ride you have to pay approximately 15-20 dollars . Call taxi at gate .diversified city , can not explore in a day . Feel nature’s beauty at #sunbeach

Port Mersin, Turkey

Port Coega, South Africa

Coega, South Africa

Your name/email —-Capt.Ashley Rosario
How to reach to gate? Taxi. local agent provides same
Minutes to town by taxi? nearest town Port Elizabeth
How to go to Seamens club? seamen club guys visit ships at times. It’s located at Port Elizabeth
Other must go location? Safaris – wildlife safaris- it’s a must.
These are private owned safaris with a sure guarantee that u will see a variety of animals in the wild. Reg port issues- watch out its completely a zero alcohol policy port. Each and every person is tested for alcohol at the gate including seafarers. alcohol content should be zero. you are not allowed inside the port otherwise. so warn your crew accordingly. do not have anything on flight also if your joining Port is Coega. Monsoons watch out for your ropes. Chances of rope parting is very high due to strong winds and swell.

Port Said

Long Beach , California

Felixstowe, Trinity Berth

Your name/email: Anish M S
Port, Terminal: Felixstowe Trinity Berth
How to reach to gate?: Seaman club arranges pick up from gangway
Minutes to town by taxi?: 10 mins to nearest township frm seaman’s club
Must go location?: Beach Front ,Seaman’s Club
Comment: Seaman Club offers Ivita SIM cards and top ups wifi available.Beach front is a nice place for a stroll food and general purchase can be done from the Town

Time: April 28, 2015 at 3:11 am