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Seafarers service experience sharing with others.

Winch Failure – My experience

During departure/unberthing from a berth at Toronto, one of the aft winches and one of the mid ship winches failed at a critical juncture when some lines had already been cast off, and vessel was critically positioned . There was… Read More ›

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Tool box meeting – Identify Fatal Four

Toolbox meeting, also known as pre job meeting, was started first in construction industry to discuss jobs, dangers, concerns and any query by the workers. Later on it became a practice which almost all industry started to follow up and became integral part of any job. …The incident and accident data of industries are readily available because governing body is controlling them, but in shipping not much information and data available about incidents and accidents on board. Companies don’t share them on common platform or with each other. Perhaps it is believed that it would diminish organization’s reputation, it is cumulative loss to shipping industry and its community.

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Human error: Fault analysis approach

While investigating a failure, blaming individual is more satisfying than targeting institution. Human errors are not rare and error factors are always surrounding us. Everyone can make error even if one is highly trained, experienced and motivated. There is no… Read More ›

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Port State Control: Trend analysis.

Port state control; administrative burden or safety for all? Once an international convention comes into force , the key issue to maritime industry is, how to implement the related convention ? Contracting party,  government, in general terms of seafarers: Flag… Read More ›

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Care in ship’s daily operation

There are multiple equipment operated regularly onboard, small care always helps reliable operation and long trouble free life of it. We frequently face breakdown of equipment, likely or unlikely during critical operation. Analysis of machinery damage report usually reveals the… Read More ›

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