CDG International Airport, Paris


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  1. Charles de Gaulle Airport

    CDG airport must have been one of the most beautiful airports in the world when it was new. The terminals are designed in circular shape. This is where the check-in counters are. After checking in on he ground floor, you are led by escalators onto the first floor and then through gently undulating travellators to your respective gates. These travellators pass through well lit tunnels. The walls of these tunnels are adorned with beautiful photographs of French history, lifestyle and culture. These tunnels radiate outwards from the terminal in the centre to the gates which are arranged in circular pattern around the terminal. The gates are also circular in shape and complement the symmetry of the circular terminal. However, the beauty of the circular patterns is also a serious drawback because it prevents any expansion of capacity without breaking the symmetry and spoiling its beauty. The gates are overcrowded because being circular there is no scope to expand / increase capacity. There is also just one eating joint per gate and you will be lucky to find a seat to eat your snack. If not, you may just have to finish it off standing. Terminals or gates designed in linear pattern have the advantage of acccomodating increased capacity by adding extensions at the end.

    Name Anant Thankappan
    Amenities ***
    Ambience ***
    Transit experience ***
    Overall experiance ***
    Internal transerfer Fast

    August 8, 2015 at 8:08 pm


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