Bulker MV Vitaspirit hits wedding venue

The bulker 74,200-dwt Vitaspirit (built 2001, Length / Beam 225 / 32 m, Malta flag) hit the Hekimbasi Salih Efendi Mansion, an 18th century wedding venue and restaurant. Reason suspected to be steering failure, but what happened to anchors? Anchor can be seen lowered during the collision but seems action was not taken on time.

In last few days several incidents reported where large vessels lost control and caused collision. On 19th March Hapang-Lloyd’s ship Tolten and Hamburg Bay collided in Karachi port.

March 24th, at Callao, Chile, Laura Maersk collided with MSC Shuba B. In both occasions vessel were berthing in port, pilot were  onboard and the victim vessel was moored alongside.

Days are not far when such things can happen in air traffic due to increased load in air corridors. Altitude band allocation by ATC may reduce separating two aircrafts.

Location of collision.

View from inside the hotel

View from other side of sea


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  1. Seeing recent accidents during arrival, emergency drills should be done sincerely which will be helpful in real emergency situation. In real case there is always delay in response to action. Involvement of all crew in drill is must.


  2. Main Engine, Steering, powerplant can fail any time, most common cause of these failure is automation. But there are always substitute to handle such situation. Emergency drills and preparedness can prevent these accidents. In this case seems steering failed. As per procedure emergency steering should be started immediately, but another hindrance lack of crew, who will go and take control of emergency steering? Do we have so many extra crew and ready for action?


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