Ship demolition -2016

Opposite to shipbuilding where development of ship passes through many processes, ship recycling is rather quick, however again it has to follow some guidelines. Few years back, there was no guidelines for shipbreaking, accidents in shipyard were usual, some accidents were immediate and some were effecting in long term, like fumes and asbestos exposer to which causes cancer risk.

As per,  20,4 million Gross Tonnage recycled in 2015, which consisted of ; Bangladesh 33%, India 22%, Pakistan 18%, China 21%, Turkey 5% and Rest of the world 1%. Different sources shows different figure of ship recycling in Bangladesh, Pakistan, China and India but it is true that approximately 80% of ship recycling takes place in these countries.

EU Ship Recycling regulation – Adopted on 20th November 2017 , objective is to reduce the negative impact of recycling of ships flying European member state flag ( Top 3 are Malta, Cyprus & Greece).   Under this regulation all large seagoing vessels will be recycled only in safe and sound recycling facility approved under EU guidelines. Not only the European flagged ships but European ship-owners are also joining this list to support this regulation and in turn 2009 HK convention.

Recent development in Hong Kong convention to make the industry safer and more environmental friendly.

2011 Guidelines for the Development of the Inventory of Hazardous Materials

2011 Guidelines for the Development of the Ship Recycling Plan

2012 Guidelines for Safe and Environmentally Sound Ship Recycling

2012 Guidelines for the Authorization of Ship Recycling Facilities

2012 Guidelines for the survey and certification of ships under the Hong Kong Convention

2012 Guidelines for the inspection of ships under the Hong Kong Convention

2013 Adoption of Ship Recycling code



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