Bunkering at Singapore

Before 2017- bunkering at Singapore often ended up in a dispute and finally ship owner, charterer and ship staff remains at receiving end of the loss. Under pressure of vessel departure, and lack of much support from anywhere, ship staff settles the dispute hurriedly and accepts the loss. In the case of Cappuccino bunkering, bunker shortage is discovered after few hours or days of sailing. To prevent malpractice, MPA is regularly monitoring and taking action against suppliers, barge or tanker operators.

2016, yearly sale of HFO, MDO, LSFO bunker was 49000,000 Metric ton in Singapore port (as per statistics from MPA Singapore, Bunker sales data Singapore port). Considering just 1 per cent short supply of bunker, total loss to receiving end is approximately 4900000MT. If calculated at an average bunker rate of 300USD/ton, bunker lost by charterers or ship owners is approximately 1470million USD per year. In this calculation we have not considered MDO or LSMDO price, otherwise the loss would be higher.

In Singapore there are  about 15 bunker brokers, 60 suppliers and approximately same number of traders. Out of these 60 suppliers, 20 suppliers are main and wins most of the supply.

Recently MPA Singapore has taken measures to improve the bunker malpractice;

  1. New bunker survey licence to have better regulatory control over bunkering company and bunker surveyors, in tern it will have help the interest of all bunkering stake holders.
  1. From January 1st 2017, MPA will require to use Mass Flow Meter for all marine fuel supply in Singapore port for accurate measurements and to avoid any malpractice or dispute.

These measures will help bunker receiver to get accurate amount of fuel, no unwanted pressure, no dispute and eventually no financial loss to charterers or owners.


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