Month: March 2016

Shipping up or down?

Baltic index inching high, company making profit but shipping confidence is low. When we receive contradictory reports, it becomes difficult to infer what is right and whether these news are giving a direction of shipping industry. In March 2016, we have… Read More ›

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eWAVE piston rings

2 stroke engine, with conventional flat piston rings, cylinder oil distribution is uneven; only 10% cylinder lubricating oil makes it to the rubbing surface between liner and rings, 30-40% oil goes to exhaust and 30-40% oil is scrapped down. As pressure… Read More ›

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IBF and Seafarers

What IBF ( The International Bargaining Forum) does for seafarers? Maritime industry is a unique multinational industry, where standardization of pay is paramount to protect seafarers. Therefore The International Bargaining Forum (IBF) was established in 2003, for collective bargaining of wages and… Read More ›

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