Shore staff – 2015 Job concerns

The 7th maritime employee survey carried out by Halcyon Recruitment and online training provider Coracle, which includes 3000 respondents from various backgrounds of  brokers, charterers, traders, senior management, technical, HSEQ, P&I, legal, insurance, vessel operators, liner trades, HR, crewing, admin, finance etc.

The result shows that the majority of shore based employees across the shipping sector believe that the most satisfying factors for employee are; relationship with manager, followed by reputation of employer. Promotion prospect and training opportunity are least satisfying in current job.  Salary, work life balance, job security, benefit packages are of medium satisfaction, however when changing jobs, 60% of employees always look for health cover as a must have benefit.

Most of the employees are lacking in training and development opportunities. Lack of salary increases, promotion potential, training and development opportunities, will cause increased staff turnover, so employer should emphasize more on needs of training and development, to make employee more productive and satisfying .
Some of the facts of this survey are;  

  • Technical department, 69% of respondents received a bonus in the last 12 months vs 46% in 2013, this shows an on-going shortage of technical personnel.
  •  Only 47% of total respondents had their basic salary rise, and only 58% received a bonus in the last 12 months.
  • Asia continues are leaders in terms of salary increases and bonus payments.
  •  Singapore is the most attractive location from a work/life perspective with 23% of participants favouring this location, followed by England and Northern Europe.
  • When considering a career move, salary ranks highest in terms of importance, replacing work/life balance from last year 2014.

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