Smartphone apps for seafarers

There are 1.6 million apps in Google play  and 1.5 million in Apple app store, Amazon App store has 0.4million and Window phone store has 0.34 million apps. But for seafarers,  there are 10 free Smartphone apps , which every seafarers  must have.

1 .Anti-Shipping Activity Message (ASAM) App – Get news and messages about shipping piracy.  Data can eb downloaded and later it can be viewed  without a Wi-Fi or cellular connection. Go to ASAM.

2. First Aid Apps – This is general First aid by American and British Red Cross. But most suitable for seafarers due to nature of duty.  First Aid – American Red Cross.

3. ReCAAP Anti-Piracy App – This app provides timely alert of any piracy Incident Alert and reports.  ReCAAP

4. Port State Inspections Pocket Checklists App – This checklist provides in assisting crew and shore staff to ensure that the vessel complies with regulatory requirement and hence always ready for 3rd party inspection. The checklist APP.

5. Currency Converter – Nothing to say about it, because every end of month all have eyes on it, and one can estimate what would be the exact amount of remittance. Live currency Converter

6. Marpol Pocket Checklist – Besides Port state inspection checklist, there is MARPOL checklist, to ensure all MARPOL related equipment are in perfect condition and vessel complies with it’s requirement. The Check list.

7. Marine Fire Safety Pocket Checklist – This is suitable for safety inspectors or master who wants to prepare for safety inspection. It is mainly related to certificates, documents and international requirement as per convention.  The Checklist.

8. TripAdvisor – It will help in finding near by restaurants, hotels , pubs during sign on, off or shore leave. The recommended locations are really worth visiting without loosing time in finding new places.

9. Wifi Finder App –  This is my favourite and best App. Wi-Fi finder app helps in quickly and easily finding FREE or paid WiFi zones when travelling. All the locations can be downloaded offline and stay connected when you are on the road.  The GPS of your mobile let you know the location and the way to reach to the location. Wifi finder.

10. Pacifica – This  related to your mental and physical health, due to increasing workload stress and anxiety is on the rise on board ships, the Pacifica mobile app teaches deep breathing and behavioural exercises; identifies your negative thinking and changes it to positive thinking. One can see his progress on it, try it.  Think Pacifica.

Source – Statista2015 and newsaccess.


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  1. Good job and the above list is very helpful.
    I would suggest to consider apps like ‘C mate for Seafarers’ , ‘Vessel Finder’ , ‘Seabook’ .I found them very helpful in my sea life.


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