New Marine fuel on test bench

New alternative marine fuel which is expected to be cheaper and environmentally safer than existing heavy fuel oil (HFO) will be on the test bench soon. Marine MSAR (Multiphase Superfine Atomised Residue) is developed by Quardise fuel Interntional , under licence from AkzoNobel, a chemical company.

Maersk Line has signed an agreement with Spanish energy company Compania Espanola De Petroleos S.A.U. (CEPSA) and London-based Quadrise Fuels International to test trial Marine MSAR – an alternative marine fuel developed by Quadrise and expected to provide a cheaper and potentially environmentally safer alternative to heavy fuel oil.

The trials are due to begin in the first half of 2016, and will see the fuel supplied from the Gibraltar-San Roque refinery to Maersk ships following the installation of an MSAR manufacturing unit at the site. The trial program is expected to run until the end of 2016, or early 2017, when engine tests on the fuel will be completed. Subsequently, the sale of the fuel from the refinery would be made following regulatory and commercial approvals.

Some information about MSAR (Multiphase Superfine Atomised Residue)

  • It is oil in water emulsion.
  • It is not synthetic oil.
  • Hydrocarbon particles in 5 to 10 micron size are suspended in water.
  • Fuel to water ratio is 70:30.
  • It will be used in conjunction with scrubber unit.
  • The cost of installing scrubber unit will be offset by low MSAR cost.
  • It will have low soot emission.
  • And 20% less Nox emission.
  • Being a cheaper byproduct of refinery and water emulsion, it will be cheaper than HFO.
  • Being emulsion, the sulphur content will be low and will comply with emission regulations.
  • Once Global Sulphur limit is lowered to 0.5%, this MSAR would be more attractive and in demand.

Quardise , UK based oil service company has unique expertise in technology application in upstream and downstream oil sectors.

MSAR objective is to be premier oil in water emulsion fuel company. It is a low cost substitute for conventional marine fuel oil (HFO) used in marine engine, thermal power plant and steam generation plant.

Source- ship & bunker, Quadrise and World Maritime news


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