EU state – LSFO verification onboard in EU ports

Commission Implementing Decision (EU) 2015/253, under this directive European Union has mandated the rules concerning the methods and frequency of surveys conducted by the EU Member States for verification of the sulphur content of marine fuels being used onboard ships calling at EU ports.

According to the Decision, ship log books and bunker delivery notes on board are to be inspected on at least 10% of the total number of individual ships calling at ports in relevant Member State per year.

Further, as from 1 January 2016, the sulphur content of fuel being used on board is also to be checked by analysing a fuel spot sample drawn from the ship’s fuel service system or by analysing the relevant sealed bunker samples onboard or both of at least the following percentage of the above inspected ships:

(1) 40 % in the Member States fully bordering SOx Emission Control Areas (SECAs)*;

(2) 30 % in the Member States partly bordering SECAs;

(3) 20 % in the Member States not bordering SECAs* (30% as from 1 January 2020).

Member States are to take the on-board spot sample of the fuel through single or multiple spot sample at the location where a valve is fitted for the purpose of drawing a sample in the fuel service system, as indicated on the ship’s fuel piping systems or arrangement plan and as approved by the Flag Administration or Recognised Organisation acting on its behalf. In the absence of the location referred to the above, position of the valve for fuel sampling is to fulfil the following conditions:

(1) be easily and safely accessible;

(2) take into account different fuel grades being used for the fuel-oil combustion machinery item;

(3) be downstream of the fuel in use from the service tank;

(4) be as close to the fuel inlet of the fuel-oil combustion machinery item as feasible and safely possible taking into account the type of fuels, flow-rate, temperature, and pressure behind the selected sampling point;

(5) be proposed by the ship’s representative and accepted by the sulphur inspector

In case where modifications are made for fitting the fuel sampling valve, plan approval and the relevant surveys are necessary.

Plan Approval – Fuel oil piping diagram concerning the modifications are to be submitted to the Machinery Department prior to the modification works.

Survey  The surveys related to the modifications are generally required. 

Source – classNK

Source: ClassNK


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