Knowledge sharing on board

All individuals working onboard and ashore have required level of competency; they have collective aim for their organization. Nevertheless it is usual that they aim their personnel and professional growth too. Even if they have same level of competency, they have different background, different understanding and varied experiences.
Smart people are those who learn from others experiences and others mistakes, learning from own mistake is very common but it costs a lot.

In present situation of maritime crewing demand, where on board promotion criteria has been compromised, it is difficult to evaluate real growth. Though the required level of real growth remains same for everyone.
What is required in the industry is people with enriched knowledge, experience, confidence, and real developed staff.
How to achieve it? 

Slide3Sharing knowledge onboard and ashore.
Require – Senior officers and engineers support and initiative.
Discuss breakdowns, procedures, incidents, accidents & experiences.
We have interviewed many experienced senior engineers and officers, who have not faced major breakdowns or adverse conditions. Engineers has not faced any liner replacement of main engine or Generator breakdowns in his carrier. These imminent situation can arrive any time and only manual cannot help, some times shared experiences and shared knowledge helps to solve the problem. People must share their experiences, share difficulties faced during such breakdowns, it gives confidence to the people to face challenges and not to panic.
Imagine the case of fresh hands on board without shared knowledge, it is difficult to embrace situations which are not anticipated.
Knowledge sharing required for growth
Making team of high performance people who can further share their knowledge , develop new ideas and grow new generation of smarter and confident people. It helps the company to minimise stoppages, breakdowns, accidents and deficiencies.
If we donot share knowledge
 Drag on the organization.
 They cost a ton of money in delays and breakdowns.
 Lost turnover costs.
 Missed opportunities for your contribution.
 And it does more damage than we realize.


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