Month: August 2015

Knowledge sharing on board

All individuals working onboard and ashore have required level of competency; they have collective aim for their organization. Nevertheless it is usual that they aim their personnel and professional growth too. Even if they have same level of competency, they… Read More ›

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Merger of Ship management companies – Analysis

Two major ship management companies merged in Hong Kong on 14th August 2015. What is the objective behind it, is it to benefit both companies or to benefit ship owner, or to benefit seafarers or to benefit shipping industry? We can analyse, we can find who will be benefitted? First we see the history and present situation of both companies;……The new organization is a new product in the industry and it can be analysed using Porter’s five forces theory to understand whether new organization is potentially profitable.

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Care in ship’s daily operation

There are multiple equipment operated regularly onboard, small care always helps reliable operation and long trouble free life of it. We frequently face breakdown of equipment, likely or unlikely during critical operation. Analysis of machinery damage report usually reveals the… Read More ›

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