Where is the Maritime capital?

Asia or Europe or Americas, where is the maritime capital, who is contributing most in maritime? It is challenging to decide who the leader is, so best way is to identify contribution of a country in various categories and then decide who the leader is. Recent research report published by Menon shows that Singapore is ranked overall no.1 as a maritime city; this benchmarking is based on survey results of 1600 maritime professional from around the world. The various benchmarking, their criteria and respective no.1 are;

Shipping centre – Basis is fleet size, managed vessel & fleet value – Athens


Maritime finance and law – number of legal experts, maritime loan, Maritime insurance premium collection – London

Port & logistics – Volume of cargo (TEU) handled – Singapore

Maritime technology – value of ship production, number of vessel classed from Norway based classification society – Oslo.

Attractiveness & competitiveness – Singapore


USA is nowhere in the top ranking except New York holding 3rd spot in finance and law. Present overall Ranking considering all benchmarking is – 1.Singapore, 2.Hamburg, 3.Oslo, 4.Hong Kong, 5.Shanghai

What would be the future ranking of shipping centres?

The present growth rate and challenges from around shows that in next few years the equation will change and there would be new benchmarking as 1.Singapore, 2. Shanghai, 3. Rotterdam, 4. Oslo, 5. Hamburg, 6. Hong Kong, 7.  Dubai, 8. London —14. Mumbai.  If we perceive the results of this survey, the balance of power in shipping is equalised between Asia and Europe and shipping will perform always at the best with close cooperation between east and west.

Data source – MENON PUBLICATION NO. 22/2015, MAY 2015


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