Port Coega, South Africa

Coega, South Africa

Your name/email —-Capt.Ashley Rosario
How to reach to gate? Taxi. local agent provides same
Minutes to town by taxi? nearest town Port Elizabeth
How to go to Seamens club? seamen club guys visit ships at times. It’s located at Port Elizabeth
Other must go location? Safaris – wildlife safaris- it’s a must.
These are private owned safaris with a sure guarantee that u will see a variety of animals in the wild. Reg port issues- watch out its completely a zero alcohol policy port. Each and every person is tested for alcohol at the gate including seafarers. alcohol content should be zero. you are not allowed inside the port otherwise. so warn your crew accordingly. do not have anything on flight also if your joining Port is Coega. Monsoons watch out for your ropes. Chances of rope parting is very high due to strong winds and swell.

About Marineronboard

It is a platform provided to seafarers to share their company, airport and hotel experience. This platform will help other seafarers in their future move either in travel or job.
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