Container liner reliability score

One of the important factor in container liner performance is reliability and on time performance.Slide1

In 1st quarter of 2015 global reliability declined to 69.7% from 73.7% in Q4 2014. CSAV was most reliable liner in 1Q 2015 with 81% on time performance, followed by Maersk Line Shipping at 80.4% and Hamburg Süd stands at third with 80.2%.

However, compare to the liner’s performance in the same quarter last year, Maersk Line posted a slight increase of 0.8% points. This data has been prepared basis 31,793 separate vessel arrivals.

Reason and prevention

There could be many reasons of drop in performance as  adverse weather, technical issues or port congestions, however good voyage  planning, machinery maintenance, timely corrective action and decision making by operation side would make the liners to be top performer.

There is no control over weather, or port congestion etc, nevertheless, owners and managers has to maintain the vessel at top to avoid any breakdown during the voyage. Finally it is responsibility of onboard crew to maintain and operate the vessel trouble free with available means to keep the ship reliable. Alliance also improves reliability.
Shippers get less value for money due to delays and low reliability.
Data source – SeaIntel

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