Alfa Laval and MSC agreement on BWTS

MSC and Alfa Laval Go Exclusive Slide1

Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) has awarded Alfa Laval (Swedish Engineering company ) with USD 28million retrofitting project of Ballast Water Treatment System on board MSC vessels. The PureBallast system  developed by Alfa Laval is one of the market leader in the ballast water treatment system and is based on Wallenius Advance Oxidation Technology to kill micro-organism. 

Ultra violet technology in conjunction with fine micron filter is used in Pure Ballast system to clean the ballast water and comply with regulation.  Some of the advantages of this system over others are as below;

  1. Cleaning in place system for cleaning UV tubes and filter in place, gives easy life to crew. 2. One of the small foot prints. 3. Filter backwash system, which will clean itself when filter is dirty. 4. High performance & one of the low power consumption. 5. Chemical free system.

This system has been designed to handle from 250cubic per hour to 2500cbm, and there is flow meter installed in line to monitor the water flow as per plant capacity. There are many safety and monitoring system installed in it to protect the plant as well as ensure that it always complies with the standard set by regulators. As of today 44 states and 32.86% of world tonnage has ratified Ballast water Management convention, the convention will enter into force 12 months after 35% of world tonnage ratifies it.


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