Shipowners: IMO Should Not Jump the Gun on Ballast Water Convention

The Round Table (RT) of International Shipping Organisations (comprising BIMCO, the International Chamber of Shipping, Intercargo and INTERTANKO) believes that the resulting dilemma would force the international shipping industry to spend millions of dollars on BWMS that may not achieve US type-approval and therefore will need to be replaced in a short period of time.


The RT expects the Convention will be ratified very shortly and enter into force as early as 2016. Shipowners that have not already done so, will be required to spend up to USD 5 million to install a BWMS on each of their ships, and it is estimated that there are 50,000 ships that require to be fitted with BWMS over a 5 year period.

However, this may also create an impossible situation for ships that trade to the United States, where unilateral national regulation is already in force. The US regulations ultimately require all ships that discharge ballast into US waters (12 miles) to treat this through a US Coast Guard (USCG) approved BWMS.

Currently there are a number of BWMS in the USCG testing and approval process, but none that have as yet received type approval. The RT has urged the US Coast Guard to approve as many ballast water management systems as possible, as soon as possible and provide a pragmatic schedule for the installation of such equipment.

Main source – World Maritime news & Ocean Saver


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