Competency Management System in shipping

Over the past few years, software has been developed to help organizations ashore, however a large part shipping industry which is hugely dependent upon human talent is not really adapted it till now. The shipping industry human resource market remains small and specialized, eventually this is important that the big organizations take step ahead to implement human talent management in addition to just employment.Slide1

The skills and personnel descriptions are used to forecast needs, determine training goals, and measure progress toward those goals. Software applications can help organizations to store, search, and analyse competency-related data of all levels of crew , across functions of support, operation and management level staff.

How Competency management system works.

Database of crew with ID is prepared and stored for this system. Software has many sets of questions with multiple choice written and oral questions. The level of questions is higher than that required by STCW code and updated with new developments in the industry. The software generates randomly a certain number of questions from the question database. He then goes on to rate the answers as poor, average, good or excellent. He can also refer to the written test results available in the software. The software calculates the scores of written as well as oral sections ,and also gives a break up of function or area wise score. The competency management team then recommends desired training  based on these evaluations. All evaluation records and recommended training concerning a crew identified by a unique crew id , are  maintained in the software.

On this GAP analysis, it is obligation of the training department to provide training on weak areas to specific crew member, or in some cases it is self initiative and self study helps in mending areas of concern. The company would organise this competency test minimum once in a year or more depending upon the trend of his competency test results.


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