Competency Management System in shipping company.

Has been withdrawn upon company request.


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  1. Dear Piyush Nigam (Sir)
    I agree. I find the concept interesting too. Only dissuading factor at times can be the unwillingness on part of seafarers to carve out time for participating in such processes. They would complain about paucity of time amidst relentless work pressure while on board ( not entirely untrue) . Subjecting them to such processes during leave is the option companies have but would entail setting aside resources for same ,not easy at all in this day and age of cost cutting due to recessionary pressures.

    Shall surely discuss in detail someday.

    Thanks and regards

    Debabrata Pattrea


  2. Dear Piyush,
    Really appreciate your understanding, how many seafarers understand that it is a part of profession? I believe it is a continuous development programme, office and crew both should actively participate in it.



  3. Hey Deba,
    That is an interesting way of structuring it. In some ways this would work better in an ePariksha scenario.
    We have a competency management system which actually sets up competencies that the crew on board (and in office) are to have to be effective on the job. We have a database based on SIGGTO, TOTS and STCW which maps the relevant competencies for each officer rank. Then it helps run the complete cycle as shown in your diagram above.
    We should chat about it sometime.


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