Container ship modified longitudinally

22nd April – 2015 –

2006 built M.V. MSC Geneva became the first vessel in the world to be widened longitudinally. By cutting the ship longitudinally and adding 3 container rows in the middle, the capacity has been increased from 4860TEU to 6300 TEU container.

Below are key features of this conversion project;

Time spend in dock – 4 months

Capacity increase – 20%

Width – increased from 32meters to 39meters.

Increase in stability

Carbon emission -per ton of cargo will be reduced by 20%.

Vessel will get Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) certificate.

Vessel would be able to carry greater volume of cargo without change in operating cost.

Class involved in certification – DNVGL

Shipyard carried the job – HRDD shipyard

Cut from center line In the picture it can be seen that the additional structure is being added to the 2 separate longitudinal parts, however accommodation and engine room remained same.

The vessel was split longitudinally from centreline at forward of accommodation, however engine room and aft part was extended at the sides to avoid any modification in the engine area making it a shipbuilding wonder. There are 2 more ships in the line for similar conversion.


Source – G captain & worldmaritimenews


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  1. Worked on a ‘Jumboised’ car carrier in the past – extra hold had been fitted and pipelines extended- no effect on vessel speed, slight change in vessel handling characteristics AND was involved in converting a tanker into Livestock carrier at Keppel shipyard.

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  2. Is any one has experience on this work or adding cargo hold, pls comment with your wonderful experience.


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