Month: April 2015

Competency Management System in shipping company.

How shipping company can improve in house training and crew competency, it is matter of analysis, evaluation and learning….

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Safety and Shipping review 2015

Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty has released annual review report on trends and development in shipping losses and safety. Key points are as below; Shipping losses – by location , type of vessel and cause. In review – trend and… Read More ›

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15 fuel saving methods in practice for ships.

With introduction of various constructional, technical and operational/navigational methods a large container vessel operating at 16-20 knots of speed can save 20-25% fuel, bringing down the operating cost burden to owners by 5-10000USD per day. Below are the methods which are in use singularly or in combination… Read More ›

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Variable BN cylinder lub oil for LSFO.

With Varying sulphur content and grade of fuel oil, 2 stroke engine needs right BN cylinder oil. Lubricant suppliers are finding it practically difficult to supply required different BN oil, and vessel too cannot set up numerous cylinder oil storage tanks for… Read More ›

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Shipsize growth over decades

This is not just shipping business which has grown over decades, the ship construction and size has grown tremendously due to innovative technology, rising greed and demand. Bulk carriers, Tankers, LNG carriers and containers, all type of vessel has seen new sizes and capacity… Read More ›

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Marine crew health insurance

Are many sailors insured when on leave? How many sailors and their family get medical benefit when on duty or on vacation?   There are some shipping companies providing health insurance to sailors and their families even when they are off… Read More ›

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